The end of a marriage is a difficult and emotionally taxing time. It is important, when going through a separation or divorce, to choose an attorney with a combination of knowledge, experience and sensitivity. The attorneys of Michael A. Hyman, PLC will respect what you and your family are going through, while vigorously representing your interests in the legal process.

Divorce Lawyer Williamsburg VASeparation Agreements, also called Property Settlement Agreements or Stipulation Agreements, are used to outline the rights and responsibilities of each party in a separation. These agreements are negotiated to resolve the variety of issues that arise in separation, divorce, custody and support matters. In many cases, reaching an agreement is the best way to avoid expensive litigation as well as to move on to the next phase of life on good terms. However, successfully negotiating and drafting these agreements should only be done by an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable in Virginia divorce and family law. Our attorneys are experienced in drafting and negotiating separation agreements that save clients time, money, anxiety, and stress. We pride ourselves on finding creative solutions when roadblocks appear.