Custody, Visitation & Child Support

Child Custody Attorney Williamsburg VAClients are concerned about the health, safety, and well-being of their children, as well as the impact that changes at home may have on education, extracurricular activities and interactions with friends and family. When it comes to child custody and visitation, a thorough understanding of the laws regarding custody and visitation is just the beginning. Each custody/visitation arrangement is as unique as the child to which it pertains. As such, the attorneys of Michael A. Hyman, PLC always take into account the desires of our clients and the best interests of the children in advocating for a custody and visitation arrangement. We have extensive experience in all aspects of child custody and visitation, including legal and physical custody, visitation, supervised visitation, physical or mental abuse, parental relocation.

Modifications to existing custody/visitation orders can occur due to a material change in circumstances. Our attorneys can advise you as to whether a change in circumstances, whether it’s a remarriage, relocation or a child’s changing needs constitute a sufficient change in circumstances to justify a modification.